Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipment is required?

A: Equipment varies between boys and girls and different age groups.


Stick, mouthguard, gloves and helmet (optional), eye protection for girls. No contact without gloves and helmet/eye protection.

U9-U15 Boys--

Stick, elbow pads, gloves, NOCSAE certified helmet and chest protector/shoulder pads. Cleats, athletic cup

U8-U14 Girls--

Eye protection, half helmet (optional), stick, mouth guard and cleats.

Q: When are practices? Games?

A: Practices are determined by the coaches for each team. We will have a schedule out by Mid March. Two practices a week are offered. Both are not required to play but you will get the most out of the game if you are able to attend both. Games will be played on Sundays throughout the spring. The full schedule will be posted on this site and can be accessed via mobile app when they are published. Likely mid March

Q: Noone in my family has played lacrosse before how can I help my son or daughter learn the game?

A: While lacrosse has been around since Native Americans used it to celebrate life events, settle disputes, heal the unwell and play for entertainment most of us are just learning the game. So welcome, you are not alone!!

Your athlete will pick the game up quickly no matter their age. There are intricacies in the game as with any sport however the basics are very simple to learn.

Tips are found in the player resources section of this site to help your athlete become proficient in all of the basic skills (and some advanced tricks). You Tube is a great resource for beginner drills and tips as well.

Q: Is there a mobile app for my team?

A:Yes! You can download the Crossbar app from the apple store or google play store. When your athlete is assigned to a team you will be able to see all team related information and communicate with your team through the app. It is not functional until your athlete is assigned a team. In the meantime, the mobile website is user friendly as well.

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